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Sworn declaration by a former NPS Superintendent that prior to initiating an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and subsequently proceeding with the requisite public notice and comment period for a highly controversial policy, the NPS had already reached a predetermined outcome.

(August 14, 2011 Boston Globe article) Twenty-five years after Massachusetts started shutting down entire beaches to protect the tiny shorebirds they are still struggling to survive. But as one unlikely success story shows, maybe the best way to help them is to stop worrying so much.

Analysis by Arnita Bowman based upon 80,572 records from GGNRA incident reports from the 2001-2006 time period. High-level charts are provided summarizing the impact of dog recreation in comparison to other recreation and activities in the GGNRA. The study clearly shows that the offenses from our dogs aren't nearly as severe or significant as those from other people who utilize the GGNRA.

A highly informative article that dispells the myths the GGNRA and other native plant advocates utilize to justify the destruction of eucalyptus trees.

An excellent article by Stephen Jay Gould exploring why the native plant ideology is inconsistent with the basic principles of evolutionary theory and has dangerous political implications.

Critical information about a newly emerging disease that could be fatal to both you and your dog.

A short and succinct article from eNature which pretty much debunks all of the myths and propaganda regarding the plover which have been used against beach goers and their dogs.

How a perverted, self-serving interpretation of the Endangered Species Act with respect to the Snowy Plover is now severely limiting long standing recreational activities at Shell Island, Florida, as well as throughout the United States.

An excellent scientific and factual perspective, by way of comment, as to why the GGNRA's proposed rule to terminate a significant portion of the 1979 GGNRA Pet Policy is arbitrary, capricous and in violation of the enabling legislation of the GGNRA.

Pictures of the GGNRA's "plover habitat" at Ocean Beach speak volumes as to why the GGNRA's Nov. 20, 2007 Proposed Rule is a complete sham.

A copy of the article originally published on 12/30/2007 in the S.F. Independent Media (IndyBay). It was removed the following day by IndyBay after receiving persistent threats from Mr. Plater.

U.C. Berkeley Environmental Sciences study presented on May 7, 2007 that concludes within the GGNRA that the feeding of the Western Snowy Plover does not appear to be negatively affected by human and pet recreation.

This U.K. study, published in 2007, concludes in part: "Sites that are highly disturbed are not used by breeding birds, and therefore any increase in disturbance levels on these sites will not alter population size."

This U.K. study, published in 2001, concludes in part: "From a conservation perspective, human disturbance of wildlife is important only if it affects survival or fecundity and hence causes a population to decline."


This U.K. study, published in 2007, concludes in part: "Restricting public access should only be considered when the conservation impact of human presence is demonstrably severe."


From the July 2007 edition of Whole Dog Journal, a remarkable account of the angst and joys of off-leash recreation.


An insightful article from the May 2007 edition of Fetch the Paper which discusses the truths and and lies behind the battle for off-leash recreation in the GGNRA.


An interesting article written by former National Park Service Ranger Jim Stiles which provides us with valuable insight as to why the NPS hates dogs.


A study by Andrew Forrest and Collen Cassady St. Clair published in Urban Ecosystems confirming that off-leash dogs have no impact on avian and small mammal communities in urban parks.


August 2000 submission to the GGNRA Citizens Advisory Commission by San Francisco SPCA attorneys Kenneth Ayers and Nathan Winograd. This document is an excellent source for those who wish to understand the environmental regulations the GGNRA has violated in the past, and continues to violate in the current NR.

Hot 3

Commentary pertaining to the refusal by United States Fish and Wildlife Service to delist the "threatened" Western Snowy Plover 


The Future of Dog Walking in the GGNRA 
(Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them)

An account of the arrest and ticketing of a dog walker and the impounding of their dog by a Long Beach Park Ranger. This scene is very reminiscent of what we have experienced/witnessed in the GGNRA. It also serves as a reminder of how things will be once again in the GGNRA after the 1979 Pet Policy is obliterated by the NR process.


In depth analysis of the GGNRA commissioned report. This report was used as justification to both designate the majority of Ocean Beach as a snowy plover habitat, and prohibit off-leash recreation in those areas.


Why the Western Snowy Plover is not threatened or endangered.

An in depth analysis of the ESA and why it does not preclude us from off-leash recreation at the beach.
Provocative account of why the ESA listing of the Snowy Plover as a threatened species has been made under false pretenses.

How to evaluate appropriate plover management in your specific beach community.

Informative analysis of the necessary balance between wildlife, dogs and their guardians. (PDF file; 600kb size)
A comprehensive explanation and legal evaluation of the GGNRA and its various policies from its creation to the present. Authored by attorney Ken Ayers, this document is a must read for anyone trying to understand the issues pertaining to land use in the GGNRA.

Resolution requesting the National Park Service to delay enforcing, in the San Francisco parks situated in the GGNRA, 36 C.F.R. 2.15, requiring pets to be on leash in national parks, until the ANPR process has been completed.

A repudiation of the GGNRA-authored ANPR document that concludes off-leash recreation and wildlife protection in the GGNRA are mutually exclusive. Long-time Sierra Club and Audobon member Keith McAllister provides an analytical evaluation of the scientific issues raised by the GGNRA.
1975 Transfer Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) lays out the terms of the transfer of San Francisco parklands (i.e., Ocean Beach, Fort Funston, Lands End) to the GGNRA.
1975 Deeds of properties transferred from SF to the GGNRA. The properties include Ocean Beach, Fort Funston and Lands End.
1973's Proposition F voted on by the people of SF to turn over properties to the GGNRA with the right to reversion.