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Reprinted from Best Friends (Jan 2005)


Officials were baffled. Who was breaking into the Battersea Dog Home, Britain’s most renowned shelter for homeless pooches, and letting all the dogs out at night?


Turned out it was an inside job.


Having figured out the locking system on his own cage door, Red the lurcher-mix (lurchers are related to greyhounds) was letting himself out each night…and then going around all the other cages letting the rest of the dogs out.


The pooches would then party until dawn – breaking out cases of dog food, treats, toys and goodies.


It took installing a video camera system for shelter managers to learn exactly what was going on and who was responsible. Red had figured out how to push his nose through the bars and then flip the lock with his tongue.


The story went around the country, and then around the world, and earned Red and his pals hundreds of calls from people offering to adopt them. They’re all now in good new homes!