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We suggest concerned citizens communicate with government officials and employees as to how you feel about the emergency petition and how it impacts the upcoming Negotiated Rulemaking Process.


We have set up a template to assist you, however, please feel free to modify the text and/or recipients as you deem appropriate.

E-Mail 10

Note: This feature assumes that you have properly configured an email client, e.g., Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Messenger. Not all browsers and email programs work the same. If for some reason you receive an error (including either the message text or the address list being truncated), please manually copy/paste the NPS email addresses and the message text below into a new message.

Distribution list:


National Park Service:

Gale A. Norton
Secretary, Dept. of the Interior
Paul Hoffman
Deputy Assistant Secretary,
Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Fran P. Mainella


Jon Jarvis
Pacific West Regional Director
Brian O'Neill
Superintendent, GGNRA

Message Text:
To whom this may concern:

The emergency petition recently submitted regarding off-leash dog walking in the GGNRA should be summarily rejected. The attorneys representing the GGNRA/NPS acknowledged to the Federal Court earlier this year that no 'emergency' exists in the GGNRA with respect to off-leash dog walking.

The following proponents of this emergency petition should be removed from the Negotiated Rulemaking (NR) Committee if NR is to be considered a legitimate process:
California Native Plant Society
Center for Biological Diversity
Golden Gate Audubon Society
Sierra Club
SF League of Conservation Voters
Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth

The proponents of this emergency petition in their public and private communications have misrepresented NR as a process whereby the GGNRA intends to definitively ban off-leash dog walking in the GGNRA. Clearly, these groups are not prepared to enter NR willing to achieve consensus and select appropriate areas for off-leash recreation in the GGNRA.